Face-to-Face Member Education Event

Join the Canadian Chapter of ACHE and the University Health Network on March 21, 2019, 11 AM to 2 PM Eastern at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN in downtown Toronto for an interactive education session based on Manager Tools, a weekly podcast with over 2 million downloads a month, and the bestselling companion book, The Effective Manager.

The program will focus on two critical management tool basics: one-on-ones and delegation.

One on Ones are the core of the Manager Tools Effective Manager toolset. All highly effective managers are known for having exceptional relationships with their staff, but few managers know how to achieve this. One on Ones are pre-scheduled, 30-minute weekly meetings between every manager and each of their direct reports. During the training, participants will learn why, where, when and how to conduct One on Ones and effective ways to brief and get buy in from their teams on the use of these meetings.

Delegation is a tool to improve individual and team performance and organizational effectiveness. It is simple to do but rarely used effectively. Pushing work down helps to develop teams and future leaders and frees up manager time for executive thinking and strategic activities. Effective delegation assigns responsibility, provides authority and requires accountability. This session will review the 6 steps to follow when devising a delegation plan, including a checklist to analyze the job, decide what to delegate, select the right person, plan the delegation, make the delegation and crucially, follow-up.

Space is limited to 30 people. Registration is free of charge and open to all interested healthcare leaders. Priority will be given to ACHE Canada members, UHN staff and registrants who join ACHE by March 21, 2019.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Manager Tools. An application for face-to-face education credits has been submitted to The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) in order to enable Chapter members to earn or maintain their FACHE credential signifying high competency, commitment to service and recognition as an esteemed healthcare leader.

To register, please click here.