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Frances C. Roesch, FACHE

Message From Your ACHE Regent, December 2020

It’s been a hard year. That’s the obvious, unvarnished truth. Not just for healthcare for everyone. We have experienced so much loss. Loss of health, life, wellness, balance, jobs, money, traditions, travel, and so many gatherings and hugs. Some of these have a more profound impact than others. Some are public and shared, and some are deeply private. In healthcare, the work has been relentless, and so many people have struggled and felt overwhelmed. The pandemic has forced us to reprioritize, to determine what and who are truly important, and to let the rest fade, at least for now.

Some of this has been conscious, and some has been unconscious. Which emails remain unopened or have been opened only to find the “unsubscribe” link? Which meetings have you canceled without a second thought? Which volunteer activities have you found yourself rearranging to maintain, even to a lesser extent? When time is scarce, where are you investing your precious minutes? Who is still investing in you? As the year draws to a close, what will you look to keep, to let go, in 2021?

End this year strong by renewing your ACHE membership. With ACHE as your professional association, you will be better prepared to meet the challenges next year presents, whatever they are. As we continue to experience the pressure and strain of this pandemic, learn from your peers: visit the COVID-19 Resource Centre for a wide array of resources, including previously recorded sessions available for viewing. There are also leadership and member reflections from your ACHE colleagues, with insights and experiences that have helped them meet the needs of the patients they serve.

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution will be to invest in yourself. Replenish through knowledge and a visit to the ACHE Learning Centre, which has everything from Virtual Face 2 Face program offerings, online seminars, research, and publications, to help you keep your promise to yourself. ACHE’s Congress on Healthcare Leadership will be entirely online this year. While it won’t be the same as gathering together in Chicago, this is an excellent opportunity to earn 12 Face 2 Face credits and save the time and expense of travel. Register early to hold your spot (and to secure early bird pricing, which will be in effect once registration opens until February 20, 2021).

And it wouldn’t really be the end of the year without some reflection, some gratitude, so here is mine. I am grateful to you. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent you as your Regent and to bring your needs and expectations to ACHE on your behalf. I am grateful that while my work has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, my job itself has not. This is not the case for everyone, even in healthcare, where the work seems to have no end. Cost-containment and budget redeployment are also realities. These departures from the work we value can add to the sense of loss and isolation experienced in the pandemic. During these times, ACHE has a dues waiver available for qualified members in transition. Recertification waivers are also available for those who qualify. These allow us to maintain our network, our membership, our fellowship in times of challenge. I was incredibly grateful to receive a dues waiver a number of years ago during a period of transition that was not my choice. It was a tremendous relief to not worry about the cost of my dues – or the loss of my membership – when career uncertainty was a central focus. If you need dues assistance during this time, please contact the ACHE Customer Service department at 312.424.9400.

I wish each of you a quiet holiday season, with good health and as much rest as you can find. I look forward to starting 2021 together. 

Frances C. Roesch, FACHE
Regent for Canada

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